Mr. Boots Lee

I adopted Boots a Deer Head chihuahua  (know for barking) when he was 3 months old. Boots is a rescue and needed a lot of patience and a lot of  work.  I had already been trying to socialize Boots with people and other animals but he would bark nonstop. I explained Boots behavior to my vet as being very skittish and barking at everything and everybody with some aggression.  My vet North Kingstown Animal Hospital gave me Audrey's business card for Top Dog K9.  Calling and meeting Audrey was the best decision that I could have made for Boots and I. Boots and I have learned so much from Audrey and I am so thankful. A few examples of how Boots and I have grown.....
I went into the office were I live to speak with the office manager with Boots. I had Boots sit and wait while we were there. The maintenance guy came in and we all talked for about 30 minutes. Boots growled for a second then settled down looking at me every once and awhile which was awesome that he was checking in.  Before we left Boots was wagging his tail and looking at me for approval to go over and smell the maintenance guy. Boots was so good I let the Maintenance guy pet him.
I take Boots for walks in my neighborhood and his barking is less and less all the time. This week we have already done three 2 mile walks and he only barked once.
I take Boots to Home Depot for walks and to socialize him. For the first time this past week Boots was going up to people instead of barking and backing away which is why we started with Audrey,
All my friends and family that have met Boots before we started learning with Audrey can not believe the change. Their comment is "I can't believe he is the same dog" I hear this repeatedly. I tell them this is only the beginning we have a lot more work to do.
I have learned  so much from Audrey and Boots and I are committed to learn and grow together for life!! First I had to commit and learn how to change my body langue so I could be the best leader for Boots....  Love, Trust, commitment, exercise, consistency, controlling myself and Boots environment so he can control himself, understanding his limits, patience and remembering he is a dog and he has needs that I have had to learn. These are just some of the things I say to myself when working with Boots.
Thank you Audrey for all your help and support you are so Awesome and have helped Boots and I more than I could ever say. This little guy had a rough start in life but with your help I have been able to give him a happy and loving home.

Mary Rogers and Mr. Boots Lee

North Kingstown, RI