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With our focus on real world dog training, your dog will have a solid foundation to be ready for everyday life situations. We provide a balanced environment through which we not only train dogs, we also teach the owner how to train and maintain the progress to continue to have a rewarding relationship.
Did you just rescue a dog and need some help to change some behaviors?
Do you have difficulty walking your dog?
Would you like to have an off switch for the barking?
Do you need to put an end to the nipping, the food and toy guarding,
stealing food and things from the counter?  
Would you like to have a dog that comes when you call,
sits when you ask and stays in one place when you tell him to?
 Let us provide you with the tools, knowledge and support necessary and help you develop the relationship and build your skills to resolve these issues.
Isn't it time you experience what it is like to have a calm, relaxed, respectful dog as part of your family?
So please, take a look at what Top Dog has to offer and if you're interested in having your dog be the best he can be, contact me and we will begin to change you and your dog's life!
Audrey Bartolomeo
Member of IACP
Member of APDT


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