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                               I'm Audrey Bartolomeo, owner and trainer at Top Dog K9 Training.

Here is a bit about my background and my philosophy.

                                                   Dogs have always played a very important part in my life. They've given me  happiness,

                                                 sadness, comfort and pain, stress and laughter and frustration, but none did it quite like Tucker...   

He helped me realize I could help families live happier lives with their misbehaving puppies or

 their out of control reactive  dogs...

He is the reason Top Dog K9 exists.


In 2012, I stumbled across a 9 month old  Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel mix by the name of Tucker on one of the dog adoption sites.  A family had to give him up because of a multitude of truly unacceptable behavioral issues that could not be solved by the numerous trainers they hired.  Tucker wouldn't sit still, come when called, or walk on a leash. He would growl, snap and bite.

He caused damage to the home, destroyed furniture and chewed or tore up whatever he could get his paws on!

He was your worst nightmare, a fearful, reactive, biting terror!

So, I decided to go and meet him. I adopted him that same day.


I realized he wasn't giving his owners a hard time, 

he was having a hard time...


He had been considered a "lost cause"  but, after a few weeks with me in a structured environment you could see a transformation  was taking place.  The crazy, insecure, frightened dog we started with was disappearing.

 A wonderfully smart, comical,  gentle dog was beginning to emerge.

Tucker thrived with the precise guidance my Balanced Training approach provided. He had to learn what we all know...

"Nothing in life is free."

All my client's dogs receive the same commitment I gave to Tucker.

I know the pain and stress that a confused, misbehaving dog can create in a family, or the bedlam an out of control puppy can bring into the home.

It's my goal to solve those kinds of problems for you and to provide you and your dog a better, happier life built on communication, understanding and trust. 

Trusted and referred by many of the best Veterinarians in the state, 

I work with all  breeds, all ages and almost any problem. 

From little dogs and puppies that need guidance and patience to big, obnoxious, pushy dogs that need a different kind of guidance and patience that only a beautifully balanced program can offer.

The tools I use, depend on the issues at hand, I opt to go with what gets the job done the quickest most efficiently with the least amount of stress for both owner and dog.


My desire to help dogs and their owners live a happier less stressful life has led me to continue my pursuit of dog training excellence by learning everything I can from the best resources available.  I have attended hands on working seminars from some of the best trainers in the country.

I am proud to be an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals,

 am an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and I'm certified in Canine CPR/ First Aid.  
















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Jack Russell Terrier
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