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 Top Dog K9 is phenomenal! This little pint-sized guy named Bruin had been previously owned by someone who didn't put the proper time in to train and guide him while he grew. He is now 4 and thought everything was his and would throw a fit when he was told no. He was nipping strangers, barking, pulling on walks, and overall very anxious. When it came time for me to find him proper training I found Audrey through her amazing reviews and knew that she was the one! She was able to help Bruin and I get into a better calmer mindset. He no longer barks, he LOVES walks now and hasn't nipped someone since before training. Audrey is very patient and kind.

Because of Top Dog K9 Training I now have a calm loving dog and a life-long friend in Audrey! I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to help themselves and their dog.

Andrea Fish

East Greenwich, RI

reactive chihuahua
teaching children about dogs

Going to Audrey was life changing!  I had received a Golden Retriever puppy as a gift from my mom.  Being a single mom with a puppy and toddler was a lot of work.  I was exhausted all the time and did not give Louie (puppy) the training he deserved.  As he grew older, and bigger and my daughter started to become smaller than the puppy it was hard for me to keep the two together, without Louie trying to play with her and jumping all around.  I could never bring them both for a walk as he was all over the place being so curious and pulling me in every direction.  We tried multiple collars, a harness even, and nothing seemed to work, he was a puppy, excited all the time.  I started to feel bad because my daughter loves to go on walks and I could never take Louie.  I reached out to Audrey for help and after her first class my stress level had already decreased.  It is something that needs to be consistent, but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be and did not take long for Louie to gain understanding of what I needed.  Walking all of a sudden became easier and now I can walk on walks with my daughter and Louie, which we love to do!  

Nikki Agnew

Warwick, RI

Macie has done a 360 on the growling, she is a confident dog and we master the walk every single time! Before I started at top dog training, my golden retriever Macie was very unconfident.  She growled at strangers,  was horrible walking on the leash, and sometimes even growled at me. I was referred to Audrey and the first day I went there I knew this would be more than just dog training. She became family that day and treated me like a best friend and I knew I made the right choice.  I couldn't do it without Audrey's tips!


Rachel Blake

West Greenwich, RI.

Place command

Top Dog K9 was recommended after a stressful visit to the groomers and it has been the best thing

we have done for us and for our dog.

"Charlie" was a shelter dog, and this being my first time as a dog owner I thought love and time would make him be the perfect dog everyone would want to be around. HA!! Not so!

Audrey showed us just how stressed out he actually was. She taught us how much he

needed structure, routine, direction, commands and then he could get plenty of love....

He is such a different dog! 

He walks perfectly on a leash, which took 1 week to master. 

He knows and is working on simple commands. 

No gloves are needed by his dad to touch his head anymore!

The crate has become a place of rest instead of punishment!! That amazes me.
I am now that person that tells everyone they should have their dog go through this training.

Audrey is an amazing person, she has excellent skills and knowledge with all levels of behavior.

Charlie is so proud to have met her.


Terrie Reilly Booth

Cranston, RI


place command

Top Dog K9 Training is unbelievable!


Thank you Audrey for all you have done for our boy Hurley.

He is a very good listener thanks to you and all of your support.

I never thought I could have a house full of people and not be

stressed about what he was going to do!

If only every pet owner could have you available to them. 

The tips you have given us have truly helped Hurley become

the best dog that he can be. Our children have loved watching the

"teaching and learning" parts of our sessions and have taken on more responsibility with him.

Thank you again for being such an important part of our lives...and Hurley's....:)


The Champlin Family

Westerly, RI

bull mastiff
family dog

Thank you Audrey for working with our puppy, Grace, and helping her reach her full potential.


Grace came to us a very timid puppy, with little confidence. After a few months with us, Grace grew protective and displayed dominance to outsiders, both people and dogs. Poor Grace was confused on how to act, and we did not know how to help her. Audrey helped Grace to gain more confidence, and not feel on edge all the time, like it was her job to keep us safe. Audrey taught us not to let Grace be in charge- we will no longer accept Graces bad behaviors because we know how to help her now. We are thrilled with Graces new behavior, and are grateful for all of the guidance and support from Audrey! We are now in control, and all much happier. 


Megan & Mike Florence


We were at our wits end with our 9 month old spaniel mix. Audrey came into our lives and within 2 short weeks, we had a calm, in-control puppy that has been happy ever since.  He is happy and so are we. I recommend her to every dog owner!


Deb Roberts

Barrington, RI


impulse control
beach dog

We can't thank you enough, Audrey!


You are an amazing trainer! We are so indebted to you... Manny can stay with us now. You ROCK!!! Can't believe how unsafe he was becoming. We were truly in desperate need of help because we were contemplating having to give him up for Gavin's safety. You are an inspiration! I think about Manny so differently now...


The Arruda Family,

North Stonington, CT

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